Oizom, a practical solution to reduce environmental pollution

A solution to monitor and reduce pollution with Jainam Metha, business development

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Pollution : this well known… but ignored problem

Global warming is a big problem to solve, all over the world. It is well known that our environmment is full of pollution. But what can you do when you ignore the level of pollution you’re living in ?

Without being aware of it, people won’t change their own behaviour. But once you know the source of pollution, and its level, you can take action and control it.


One of the main problems is air pollution. You can check if water is polluted : it’s dirty ! But what about polluted air? You cannot see it, nor feel it. It’s a major concern in big cities, in India and in other cities all over the world. It has many origins : gas , traffic, electromagnetic pollution, even noise…


To measure it properly, huge stations were required. But with an advanced technology, monitoring machines have been considerably reduced. Another step ahead came with electronic monitoring, which allows an access to real time data


Small and practical : here is Oizom

Small and resistent Oizom monitor in India

Small and resistent polludron Oizom monitor in India

Our product, at Oizom, is at the top of the technology. We propose an smart solution for environmental solution : a small pollution monitor you can put on an electric pole, at the top of a traffic light. It monitors air pollution, electromagnetic pollution, noise pollution… Results are available in real time on internet, so even people can control their own environment.

As we focused on jugaad innovation, we’ve been able to reduce our cost to 1/10 compared to our competitors. Moreover, our product resists to big heat weaves, pouring rains, monsoon… Well met say extreme weather. It can also being fixed on the top of a taxi for instance, to get the level of pollution where you have to go.


Some machines are already installed in Ahmedabad and Bombay. Government regulatory bodies and environmental agencies are very interested. Even some touristic places are making some proofs, as they can publicize also the purity of the local air. We’re also negotiating with smart cities as it is a part of these cities to control pollution emission…


Small start up, great ambitions

We’re still a start up with a small team of 13 people: only 2 of us are none engineers nor technicians. All the others are friends since school.

Our presence in France, thanks to the French Tech Ticket, is logical. There’re some needs as well, to monitor pollution. Moreover, France is a partner of 3 smart cities in India. And being here help us to put a foot on the European market.


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